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Flowers for your bouquet: flowers from A to Z

The world of cut flowers is as diverse and colorful as nature itself. From the delicate alstroemeria to the bright zinnia, each flower offers a unique beauty and a special meaning . Combined in bouquets , they tell stories , express emotions and bring joy into our daily lives. Bouquets are not only an expression of aesthetic preferences, but also a reflection of our feelings - from deep love and admiration to friendship and gratitude . In this flower encyclopedia we take you on a journey through the alphabet of cut flowers, from A for Alstroemeria to Z for Zinnia . Discover the diversity and hidden meanings behind these enchanting creations of nature.

A - Alstroemeria

Also known as Alstroemeria, it offers long durability and is available in many colors.


B - Bearded carnation (Dianthus barbatus)

Popular for its vibrant colors and sweet scent, ideal for romantic bouquets.

Bearded cloves

C - chrysanthemum

A versatile cut flower that comes in a variety of colors and shapes.


D - Dahlia

Offers large, showy blooms in a wide range of colors.


E - Eustoma (Lisianthus)

Characterized by delicate, bell-shaped flowers and available in many pastel shades.


F - Freesia

Known for its intoxicating scent and arching flowers.


G - Gerbera

Popular for its bright colors and large, cheerful flowers.


H - hydrangea

Offers lush, ball-shaped blooms that look great in both summer and fall.


I - Iris

An elegant flower with characteristic, sharply marked flowers.


J - Jasmine

Known for its captivating scent and small, white flowers.


L - lily

A classic choice for bouquets, known for its large, showy blooms and strong scent.


N - Narcissus

A spring-like flower that often displays shades of yellow and white.


O - orchid

Exotic and elegant, a popular choice for modern bouquets.


P - Peony

Lush, fragrant flowers that come in many colors.


Q - Quince blossom

Less known but offers delicate flowers in delicate colors.



The ultimate symbol of love and romance, available in countless colors and varieties.

Rose Pink Floyd florali

S - sunflower

Brings instant cheer to any bouquet with its large, bright blooms.


T - tulip

A spring classic, available in a variety of colors and shapes.


W - sweet peas

Known for its sweet scent and delicate flowers.

Sweet peas

Z - Zinnia

Offers a vibrant color palette and a cheerful presence in summer bouquets.


Whether you are planning a celebratory occasion, want to make a loved one happy, or simply want to bring the beauty of nature into your home - the world of cut flowers offers endless possibilities to bring color and joy into our lives. Be inspired by the diversity of nature and discover how each flower tells its own unique story.