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Bei florali Kannst du Blumen in Hamburg bestellen

Care tips for your cut flowers

Flowers bring color and joy to any room and are a wonderful gift for almost any occasion. To preserve the beauty and freshness of your flowers, it is important to follow some basic care tips. Even if you order flowers in Hamburg, you should keep these tips in mind so that you can enjoy your floral treasures for as long as possible.

1. Clean the vase

Before you put the freshly ordered flowers from Hamburg in the vase, it is crucial that it is absolutely clean. Otherwise bacteria can significantly shorten the shelf life of the flowers. Thorough cleaning with soap or water is therefore essential.

Clean vase

2. Use fresh-keeping agents

Add a special freshness agent to the water in the vase. This provides the flowers with important nutrients and prevents the growth of bacteria, which extends the life of your flowers.

Flower food

3. Leave the binding site intact

If you have received a tied bouquet, it is important not to open the binding area. This means the bouquet retains its shape and the flowers stay fresh longer.

4. Cut the stems

An important step that you must not forget after ordering the flowers in Hamburg is cutting the stems. Cut the ends at an angle to allow maximum water absorption .

Cut flowers

5. Choose location

Place your flowers in a cool, shady location. Direct sunlight and drafts can damage the flowers and cause them to wilt more quickly.


6. Change water daily

It is important to renew the water in the vase daily, especially in warm weather. Fresh water keeps your flowers fresh and healthy for longer.
Change water

7. Keep flowers away from fruit

Ethylene emitted by ripening fruit can accelerate the aging process of flowers. So keep your flowers away from fruit bowls.


With these tips you can maximize the lifespan of your flowers, whether you bought them for yourself or are ordering flowers in Hamburg to make someone happy. Remember these simple steps and your flowers will shine and delight for longer.